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Binomial Cube


To construct the cube according to shape and color


4 years old


A box with two layers of wooden cubes and rectangular prisms painted in various colors.


  • Introduce a child to the Binomial Box and ask him to carry it to a table
  • Indicate the pattern painted on the lid, mentioning the colors. Remove the lid and place it on the table beside the box. Point out that the same pattern is repeated on the cube and the lid
  • Open the box by lowering the sides, revealing the cube more fully. Point out that the pattern is repeated on the sides of the cube
  • Begin to remove the prisms from the box, taking out the blue cube first. Build the top layer around it on the table. Note that the pattern on this layer is repeated onthe layer which remains in the box
  • Remove the bottom layer in the same way, building it on the table below the top layer. Note that there are three identical patterns to observe, on the lid and on the two layers
  • Order the cubes of the bottom layer. (This may be done by simply lining the prisms in a vertical row with the red cube at the bottom)
  • Rebuild the bottom layer on the lid of the box, and then in the box, being careful to place the prisms in the box one at a time. (Begin with the red cube when building this layer)
  • Arrange the cubes for the top layer in a vertical line, in the same manner as the bottom layer was arranged.
  • Rebuild the top layer on the lid and then in the box, beginning with the red prism
  • When the cube has been rebuilt into the box, point out that the patterns on the cube match the lid
  • Carefully raise the sides and replace the lid
  • Allow the child to repeat the activity
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