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Combination of Teen Boards and Bead to Form 11-19


To confirm that a child can successfully draw the association between the quantity (concrete) and the numbers (abstract).


4.5-5 years old


  • Teen Boards with the Wooden Number Cards
  • 9 Ten Bead Bars
  • One Short Bead Stair


  • Invite your child to roll out a mat and take all the necessary materials to the mat
  • Place the Teen Boards in a vertical column
  • Ask the child to lay a Ten Bead Bar on the left side of each Ten on the Board
  • Ask the child to make the number "Eleven" with the Beads, and then with the Cards
  • Ask the child what number comes after eleven; he will reply, "Twelve". Ask him to make Twelve using both the Numerals and Beads.
  • Tel the child that he can continue making all of the remaining Numerals up to nineteen in the same way
  • Ask the child to read the numbers back to you.

Extension 1:

  • Ask a child to lay out all the materials as per the Presentation
  • Ask the child to repeat the activity in reverse, by making the number with the Cards first, and then the corresponding Beads

Extension 2:

You make a number at random with the Cards, e.g. 16, and the child makes the number with the Beads

Extension 3:

You make the number with the Beads first, and the child makes the corresponding number with the Cards.

Extension 4:

You states any number from 11 to 19 and the child makes the number with the Beads and Boards.


(Ref: NAMC Maths)

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